Biden Takes The Lead In Key Battleground States, Inches Closer To Becoming Next US President

Joe Biden

The race to the White House is turning into a virtual cliffhanger with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden taking the lead in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Decision Desk HQ, a network of election experts, has called the state in Biden’s favour, giving him its 20 electoral college votes for a total of 273. Biden has inched past Trump in Georgia as well.

As per available information, votes being counted in Pennsylvania do not include mail ballots that arrived after November 3. These are the being kept separately. The votes being counted now are those that were in by November 3 Election Day.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey meanwhile said Trump’s speech night was “very hard to watch” and that his claims of voter fraud are “not substantiated.” Toomey acknowledged there are “irregularities in every election,” but they “tend to typically be very small and involve just a handful of ballots”, as per CNN.

President Trump cannot be reelected if he does not win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, no matter how many other states he wins. If Biden holds his lead and wins Georgia, Trump’s hopes of retaining the White House will be dashed. Biden then will be declared president-elect.

Meanwhile, Biden is poised to deliver an address today or tonight, according to CNN. If he is declared the winner early today, team Biden team plans to move quickly to announce more substantial pieces of his transition. This his team team feels will help keep on the momentum.

National defense airspace’ has been put in place over Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. An FAA notice to pilots available online shows the one mile radius no-fly zone is now active until next Wednesday morning.

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