Fact Check: Don’t fall for this morphed screengrab of journalist Rana Ayyub’s old interview with CNN

Tension in France is at its peak after an Islamic radical beheaded Samuel Paty, a middle school history teacher, for showing his students caricatures of Prophet Muhammad during a lesson on free expression.

Amid this, a screengrab of Indian Journalist Rana Ayyub has gone viral all over social media. It is being claimed that Rana Ayyub in an interview with CNN said that one cannot hate all Muslims just because two beheadings took place in France.  

The Facebook post read, “CNN पर राणा अयूब कह रही है कि आप “सिर्फ” दो लोगों के सर कलम करने से मुसलमानों से नफरत नहीं कर सकते ”

(Translation: Rana Ayub on CNN is saying that you can’t hate Muslims by “just” because two people were beheaded)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be false and morphed.

With the help of Reverse Image search and relevant keywords, we found a similar news report of CNN on Twitter dated March 2, 2020. In the news report, Indian Journalist Rana Ayyub was giving views on Hindu nationalism in India. 

This post gave us a clue that the screengrab is old and not related to the recent death of the teacher in France. 

On digging further, we also found a news report by CNN dated March 1, 2020, where we found that Rana Ayyub spoke about communal violence that took place in New Delhi at the time when US President Trump visited India.

For further confirmation, we also searched for the full video of CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria interviewing Indian Journalist Rana Ayyub but couldn’t found any such claims that have gone viral on social media. 

On comparing the Fake post and Real post, we can clearly spot the differences. 

Firstly, the spelling of  ‘Rana Ayyub’ is misspelt as ‘Rana Ayub’ and ‘FAREED ZAKARIA GPS’ is misspelt as ‘FAREED FAKARIA GPS’

Secondly, there are grammatical errors in the ticker where “cannot” is written as “can not” and “beheadings” is written as “beheading”.

Thirdly, on the CNN real post, the sentence is in caps and in the viral post it is different.

Moreover, we also found a Twitter post of Rana Ayyub dated October 31, 2020, claiming that the social media posts claiming ‘you cannot hate all Muslims for just two beheadings’ is morphed and false. 

The Twitter post read, “The Indian right-wing at it again. Morphed a fake statement on an old image stating that “you cannot hate all Muslims for just two beheadings”. This image has been shared a thousand times all over social media and I am sick of battling this disinformation.

Hence, with the help of the above information, it is clear that viral screengrab of Rana Ayyub is morphed with false claims. 

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