82 year old grandmother soars high to become oldest woman paraglider in Sikkim

It is story of being free spirited and soaring high, literally so. An 82 year old grandmother has made her family and friends proud in Sikkim by being the oldest woman in her state to do a tandem paraglide, at Aangi Gumba Monastery which is the take-off point in Tanka. On Wednesday, Lepcha, who is an 82 year old grandmother with no health issues took to the skies with her instructor Nima Tamang while her family was paragliding too.

“I just wanted to fly once, now I have fulfilled my dream and I am happy.” Said Lepcha while speaking to a local portal. For her, flying was comfortable and an enjoyable experience.

The adventurous octogenarian grandmother had also gone scuba diving five years ago in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.  “When I tried Scuba Diving my partner was not able to dive but I was not afraid at all and this time in paragliding also I was not afraid and fearful for a second.” Added a brave Lepcha.

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While paragliding instructors take several people out paragliding everyday, her instructor Tamang was amazed to know after the paragliding stint that she was in her eighties. “I was initially not aware that she is that old; later I came to know she is 82 year old.” Said Tamang while speaking to the North-Eastern portal.

The octogenarian had no issues during the paragliding adventure and infact wanted to paraglide for some more time. But by the time, the glide had already been directed towards the ascending motion.



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