Chirag Paswan threatens to put Nitish Kumar behind bars if his party comes to power in Bihar

As the battle for Bihar elections heats up, ahead of the first phase of elections on October 28th, LJP leader Chirag Paswan in his election speech on Sunday, threatened to jail incumbent Chief Minister Nitish Kumar if Paswan’s party comes to power. The comments were made at Paswan’s election rally in Dumraon, Buxar. “Nitish Kumar and his officers will be behind bars if we come to power.” Said Chirag Paswan while addressing his supporters.


Paswan also mentioned the failure of the Nitish government to ban liquor, which leads to illicit liquor being sold.The LJP leader also accused Nitish Kumar of getting kickbacks from illicit liquor sales.

Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) has been in power in Bihar  since 2015 and Paswan hopes to turn a sizeable number of voters in his favour. However Nitish Kumar has been a strong face to reckon with, amongst his supporters who will be willing to cast their vote in the Bihar Chief Minister’s favour yet again. To combat the Nitish factor in Bihar will not be an easy game.

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Paswan is also eyeing BJP supporters who are not in favour of Nitish Kumar. “I request you to please vote for LJP candidates to implement #Bihar1stBihari1st. Everywhere else, vote for the BJP. The coming government will be a Nitish-free government.” Read Chirag Paswan’s tweet.

The LJP is contesting 138 seats in Bihar, 122 being against JD(U) and its ally HAM, which is Jitin Ram Majhi’s party. 5 seats have been fielded against the BJP. The BJP is supporting Nitish Kumar and does not look to keep parties opposing JD(U) as part of the NDA. However, there are speculations that the BJP is soft on Paswan in a bid to put pressure on Nitish Kumar, that the saffron party will not let the Chief Minister have it that easy.

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