New online game generates fake employment certificates with the national emblem

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A new internet game has surfaced which can create a fake employment certificate that contains India’s national emblem. WOW, which is a popular game app, has come up with this ‘novel idea’.

All you need to do is, launch WOW and click on any of the job-related games offered by it.

Your results will look like this:

NewsMobile found two things that were questionable in this format. First, the national emblem cannot be used for personal or commercial purposes without permission from the Central Government. However, this app was freely using it in some of its games.

Though, at the time of filing this story, most of the games generating certificates with the national emblem on them had disappeared from the app. One possible reason for the same could be the reporting of t by various users, regarding this issue.

Second, before you start using WOW, the following message reflects on your screen, asking for more than the required information:

Although these games are available on Social Media platforms like Facebook, a major concern while playing them is that you could be unknowingly sharing sensitive information with unknown third-party individuals.

These games often request access to your profile as well as of the names on your friends list. Your as well your friends’ public information including photos, posts, and online activities, can then be used to find out your interests, preferences, affiliations, and views. This is access to data privacy and can lead to hacking, data sharing and future trouble for people, who have unknowingly shared the information while playing a game.

It is advised that you don’t fall prey to such games which can potentially leak your data and land you in trouble.

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