Goodbye Masks? Argentine man invents ‘Breathe Well Tube’ for protection against COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has done one good thing, it has brought out the hidden talents of several people across the globe.

One such man from Argentina, Pablo Bogdan, invented ‘Tubo Respira Bien’, which translates to ‘Breathe Well Tube.’ This tube is an innovative invention that allows people to protect themselves from COVID-19 without having to compromise with free breathing.

Pablo Bogdan was diagnosed with leukaemia during childhood, which forced him to take special care of his health, therefore the new measures in place due to the coronavirus outbreak were not new to him.

“From there was born Tubo Respira Bien, a barrier against microdroplets that can spread COVID-19 that in many cases can be filtered even with the use of face masks,” he assured Infobae.

Pablo has invented a transparent tube that is placed on the shoulders and allows better breathing, vision and even improves the social experience by being able to see the full face of those who wear it.

“The tube does not allow there to be a single moment of carelessness, since you are protected by a plastic wall that acts as a barrier in case the person wants to touch the face,” said its inventor.

Many people on the internet liked Pablo’s invention as this could be a possible solution to their ‘COVID behaviour fatigue.’

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