Political games shadow the stark truth behind India’s Rape Culture

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A young 19-year-old gets brutally raped and dies. We hadn’t even digested this gruesome news when a few other blood-chilling incidents, similar to this, came to the limelight. As citizens of this country, the question on everyone’s mind – how can anyone be so inhumane? Is this the definition of women safety in the country? Is this the future we have envisaged for ourselves?

Rape culture in India has yet again gained momentum and as the country witnesses’ incident after incident, each more horrific than the previous, it is indeed a sorry state of affairs.

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While this should have been the central theme for all political discussions and debates to prompt the administration and the governing machinery to seek stringent measures to overcome this abyss; we were busy running after mileage. From TRP on television screens to political games to gain an upper edge. The real issue lost completely.

Politics has yet again become dominant, with all sensibilities lost to the wind.
Today’s news was not about how and why the incident happened; it was about two political ideologies at war.

In the end, it is the victim and scores like her, whose battles were lost even before they were fought. And it is our collective conscience and mindset that is to be blamed. For not wanting to find solutions that can end this menace for future girls and women to feel safe and secure in our country.

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