Elderly Bengal woman earns over Rs 3 lakhs after selling 52-Kg fish

An elderly woman hailing from a village on Sagar Island located at the southernmost tip of West Bengal earned lakhs of rupees overnight after she fetched a 52-kg fish from the river.

Surprisingly, the locals said that the fish was sold at a handsome price of Rs 6,200 per kg in the local market. As per reports, the woman claimed to have received over Rs 3 lakh upon selling the fish.

According to traders, the fish could have been sold for a higher price had it not started decomposing. A fish of this size cannot be consumed due to its flesh being rubbery, however, several internal organs of this fish are of great value. The blubber of this fish along with some other organs are even exported to countries in Southeast Asia. The market value of dried blubber or fish maw can even shoot up to Rs 80,000 per kg or even higher.

Dried blubber allegedly has medicinal properties, while Fish Maw soup is a favourite among some people.

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