Wear Masks To Build Immunity, Here’s Why

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The lockdown is slowly giving way to normalcy across the country, but COVID-19 is still around and wearing masks can be more than just a mere precautionary measure. Putting on masks can help build immunity, according to a commentary in ‘New England Journal of Medicine’.

Monica Gandhi and George W.Ruthford of University of California in San Francisco, explain that wearing masks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic helps to filter out some virus containing droplets. This in turn helps to reduce inoculum, which is the infecting amount of the virus that a person inhales. This could achieve similar results to build immunity before a vaccine was discovered for small pox.

Masking helps to reduce the rate of new infections which inturn will reduce the number of new patients who are asymptomatic.

This is in line with what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent speech reiterated, which is the importance of wearing masks as another piece of clothing. “Till the time there is no vaccine, there should be no laxity. 2 yards of distance, masks are necessary. Don’t forget this mantra.” Said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While vaccine trials are still being conducted globally and there is still time before a full proof vaccine for COVID-19 is out, people across the world will have to follow government norms. As of September 13, India has reported 47,54,357 COVID-19 cases including 9,73,175 active cases and 78,586 deaths.


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