Kamala Harris recalls her Indian roots, says ‘walks along beaches in India created a commitment in me’

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Indian origin Senator and US Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris recalled her Indian roots in a 57-second video she shared on her Twitter timeline and said that long walks with her grandfather P V Gopalan along the beaches created a commitment in her.

“As a young girl, my grandfather would often take me on his morning walks in India, where he’d discuss the importance of fighting for democracy and civil rights. That commitment and that fight for a better future lives on in me to this day,” she said in her tweet.

Describing her grandparents as “phenomenal”, she said, “We would go back to India like, every other year. My grandfather fought for and was a defender of the freedom of India. When I was a young girl, being the eldest grandchild, my grandfather would take me on his morning walk.”

Talking of how her grandfather had an impact on her, she said, “All of his buddies who were also great leaders, they would talk about the importance of fighting for democracy and the importance of fighting for civil rights and that people would be treated equally regardless of where they were born or the circumstance of their birth.”

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“Those walks along the beach in India really planted something in my mind and created a commitment in me, before I even realised it, that has led to me where I am today,” she added.

Kamala Harris also posted another video on her timeline where she talked of her mother who arrived in the US at the tender age of 19 years and how her solution oriented approach towards problems in life have had an indelible imprint on her.

“She taught me from a young age that I had a responsibility to fight for justice. At the age of 19, she arrived in the United States from India alone and with the dream of curing cancer. She was a woman who believed in solving problems. In fact, she always used to say, ‘if you see a problem, don’t just sit around complaining about it, do something about it’. On the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, it’s more important than ever that we keep up the fight at the ballot box to honor the women who came before us,” she observed.

55-year-old Harris, is of both African and Indian descent, with her father being from Jamaica and mother Shyamala Gopalan from Tamil Nadu. In public addresses, Harris has often described her mother as being her ‘greatest inspiration’.

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