“Trust the taxpayer” says PM Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a platform for ”Transparent Taxation” in a bid to honour honest taxpayers.

The new platform will facilitate faceless assessment, filing, review, and appeal for taxes. Faceless appeals will be implemented from September 25. Any assessment, other than the exception will be invalid outside the faceless scheme. There will be no intrusive surveys by field officers. The only chief commissioner or senior officer can approve investigation which will be conducted by investigation or TDS wing. The use of technology has already cut direct interface with tax officials.

New platform honouring honest taxpayers announced

Posted by NewsMobile on Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Prime minister Modi said in the last 6 years tax administration has seen a new governance model, with decreased complexity, decreased taxation, decreased litigation, and increased transparency.

India has moved up in ease of doing business index from 63 to 134 because of the reforms undertaken by his government. This has instilled confidence in Foreign Investors. The fact that we have raised record FDI flows even during a pandemic is testimony to this fact.

The taxpayers’ charter has also been released today where their rights have been enshrined in a statute under the Income Tax Law in a bid to promote a tax-friendly, harassment-free tax regime. The charter provides citizens the commitment to firstly treat them as honest taxpayers. The charter promises to provide fair, courteous, and reasonable treatment. Decisions by the tax department will be taken in a timely fashion and a fair and just system will be set up for filing complaints. Authorities will be held accountable, the correct amount of tax will be collected and there will be a proper mechanism for appeal and review.

Along with rights, the Prime Minister also appealed to citizens to be responsible and file their taxes honestly. He said the number of tax scrutiny cases has come down to a fourth in the last 8 years. But only 1.5cr out of 135cr citizens file their taxes every year. The tax base has to increase because it is our taxes that will power the development of the country.

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