CreO: COVID Relief Organisation by the students to boost entrepreneurial spirit among youth

CreO (

CreO stands for “COVID Relief Organisation” and translates into “I Create” in Latin.

It is an organisation that was started with the intent to boost children with an entrepreneurial spirit, during the tough times of the current pandemic.

How did we incubate the idea?

During the months of March, April 2020 while we were all stuck at home, scared of COVID 19, hearing news of how people are suffering, significant changes were expected in the way we will live and work and ideas were in everyone’s mind to do something during this massive change. Few of us at school start talking about this and started to speak with other fellow students and figured out, each one had an idea incubating in their head. Though there are various start-up platforms and incubators for new business ideas, there was not especially for school students. The ideas of these students required direction, support, testing and platform to develop the worth ideas and business propositions, and CreO was born.

What do we do @ Creo?

CreO is a platform which helps to support business ideas from students (Grades 6-12) across India, all ideas for viable businesses during the pandemic. These ideas are then reviewed by mentors, who are industry experts, professors and embellished business people. Once reviewed, they are pitched before a panel of eminent investors, from where the teams can take it further themselves. The best pitch and the most promising idea receive a cash prize, from our sponsor Enquero Inc ( A US based new age Tech company), in addition to investment opportunity.

 What have we achieved till now?

After reaching out through nation-wide forums, we filtered a total of 35 ideas, ranging from commercial entrepreneurship to social initiatives. These were the ideas that were allowed to pass to the first round. Following this, teams are expected to send in a business document, highlighting certain criteria, positions and demographics of their idea.

Out of the 35, Team CreO chose 11 ideas to persevere onto Round 2. These ideas were all assigned mentors who assisted them in the formulation of their presentations. They spoke through ideas, future steps and projections.

After two weeks of heavy and relentless preparation, all teams were asked to submit their final pitch deck. Out of these teams, only five were chosen to move onto Round 3. They were placed before a panel of investors, from different sectors and avenues of the business life. All five teams gave extremely strong pitches, and Enquero offered to give a smaller cash prize to all the teams who didn’t place first. The winning team received a prize of INR10,000!

 What next for Creo ?

The first edition of CreO was a humble success. Working in close association with our sponsors Enquero, they intend to not only expand to all over India, but we are also working on international expansion. Expanding the network and working on marketing are the main steps we wish to take on as we move forward. In the future, we are poised to take ideas from Rest of India, the USA and many other countries. CreO will be soon back with a larger and grander pitch event!

As we speak the US chapter of Creo is progressing at a frantic speed and we are going to announce nominations soon. Talks are on for Africa and South East Asia rounds with local partnerships.

Pavit Singh (Co-Founder and CEO)

Uttkarsh Kohli (Co-Founder and CFO)

Deepakar Bansal (Co-Founder and COO)

(Students of Class 12 at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurugram)


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