Pune reports vertical transmission of COVID from mother to daughter

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The first case of vertical transmission of COVID-19 from mother to a newborn baby was reported in Pune, according to a statement from Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.

“The department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Microbiology and Biochemistry at BJ Government Medical College, attached to Sassoon General Hospital, has reported the first case of vertical transmission of COVID causing severe disease in the newborn,” said the Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.
The hospital said the mother had tested negative for COVID-19 via RT-PCR test but “had evidence of COVID infection”.

“The mother tested negative for COVID by RT-PCR but had evidence of COVID infection by strong antibody response (antibody test). The baby’s nasopharyngeal swab, placenta and umbilical stump tested positive for COVID by RT-PCR,” the hospital said.

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According to the hospital, the newborn had fever, lethargy and “signs of severe COVID along with abnormal blood test suggesting severe inflammation. The baby required intensive care but recovered completely over a period of three weeks.”.

According to the Union Health Ministry, there are 1,48,905 active COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra. (ANI)



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