India’s COVID-19 reality: First 5,000 deaths recorded in 81 days, current spike in seven days

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Coronavirus pandemic refuses to cease its hold on humans world-wide. With over 16 million confirmed cases and over six lakh people who have lost their lives to this deadly virus, it continues to be a constant scare. US is at the top position with the maximum number of cases, Brazil at number two and India at number three globally.

India has been seeing a surging spike in its coronavirus positive cases lately, with over 40,000 cases being reported daily on an average. As of the latest figures reported by the ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the cases stand at approx. 1.4 lakh. Over 32,000 people have succumbed to the virus so far.
On Sunday, India saw the single highest spike in cases that almost touched the 50,000 mark.

Some of the recent observations from the data have been striking.

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The percentage increase in the daily cases has seen a surge which is unprecedented. As of July 1, the number of cases reported in 24 hours was approx. 18,600. By July 15, it had become almost 29,400. As of July 26, it stands more than 49,000.

States like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu continue to add to the spike increase. Many states have imposed strict lockdown rules for district that are highly contagious and are within the definition of containment zones.

The most startling data point comes in the number of deaths in India. In just seven days, 5,000 deaths have been reported.
On July 22, India recorded its highest single day count in number of deaths which was over 1,000.
The first 5,000 deaths were over a period of 81 days. The next surge took about 17 days. India moved from 20,000 deaths to 25,000 deaths in ten days, whereas to move from this figure to 30,000, it took India just seven days.
An alarming figure that needs to be curtailed for the benefit of the people of India. Even though India’s recovery rate might be the only silver lining as of now, the cases and the death toll is a point of worry.

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