Taiwan Parliament votes to rename China Airlines as Taiwan Airlines

To mark its own presence in the global skies, Taiwan-based China Airlines has decided to go in for an image makeover and re-brand itself.

In a terse message to China, which refuses to recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty, the country’s Parliament has now given the go ahead to rename China Airlines as Taiwan Airlines.


Based in Taipei, China Airlines is the “flag” carrier of Taiwan. For long, there has been confusion and controversy surrounding its nomenclature. Especially amongst travellers who are not quite familiar with the geo-political nuances of the Taiwan versus mainland China fight. China Airlines is often linked with Air China which is a carrier based out of mainland China.

The proposal to rename the airline was initiated by the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan. The objective was aimed at strengthening the airline brand in order to avoid  confusion with airlines that are based out of People’s Republic of China. Legislators remarked that China Airlines is mistakenly identified for an airline from mainland China, instead of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Transportation and Communications Ministry meanwhile plans to strengthen the brand’s international image to be more associated with Taiwan. The livery of the aircraft would also be changed to achieve this end.

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During COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan provided humanitarian aid and donated masks to European nations labeling the cargo ‘Taiwan Can Help’. But instead of earning goodwill, Taiwan’s image took a hit since international media mistakenly believed it came from China.

Though no definitive timeline has been set as yet, the move for sure is being watched closely by Beijing.

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