Not just India, China mired in territorial disputes with over 20 nations

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At the fulcrum of the violent face-off between Chinese and Indian forces at Galwan Valley along the disputed stretch of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh lies China’s aggressive expansionist polices. Claiming someone else’s territory as its own and using threat, coercion and violence to stake claim is at the core of China’s territorial designs.

And India isn’t the only country with which China is engaged in territorial disputes. There are over 20 countries that China is embroiled in with regards to territorial disputes though geographically it shares its border with only 14 nations.

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Here is a synopsis of Dragon’s border disputes with other nations: 


Aksai Chin: China illegally occupies 38,000 sq km of Indian territory in Ladakh

Shaksgam Valley: China occupies 5,180 sq km of Indian territory in Shaksgam Valley in PoK under 1963 Sino-Pak agreement

Arunachal Pradesh: China claims 90,000 sq km of Indian territory in Arunachal as its own


China claims Tibet to be an inalienable part of its own territory since the 13th century. It controls Tibet’s 12.28 lakh sq km territory while the Tibetan government in exile runs from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh in India


China claims parts of Nepal dating back to the Sino-Nepalese war of 1788-1792 as being part of Tibet and hence a part of China


China stakes claim to Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Bhutan as its own territory


China claims all of Taiwan as its own territory but disputes are essentially riveted on Macclesfield Bank, Paracel Islands, Scarborough Shoal besides parts of South China Sea and the Spartly Islands

In June, Chinese fighter planes reportedly violated Taiwan air space thrice

In March, a Taiwanese patrol vessel was damaged when a Chinese fishing boats rammed into it near Kinmen islands


On its historical grounds (Ming Dynasty 1368-1644), China claims large parts of Vietnam as its own territory

Massive territorial dispute over Macclesfield Bank Paracel Islands (or Xisha Islands)

Dispute over South China Sea and the Spratly Islands as well

In April, Chinese Army drowned a Vietnamese fishing vessel near Vanguard Bank prompting Vietnam to register an official protest.


Japan and China embroiled in dispute over parts of the East China Sea, especially Senkaku Islands which Japan maintains as its own

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Dispute over the Spartly Islands between the two nations


The Sea of japan is at the epicenter of China’s border conflict with North Korea

On historical grounds dating back to Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368, China claimed all of North Korea as its own from time to time

Major dispute over Baekdu Mountain and Jiandao


Major conflict over over Socotra Rock (Ieodo or Suyan Rock) in East China Sea. South Korea claims it as a part of its Exclusive Economic Zone

Incidentally, China claimed entire South Korea as its own on historical grounds dating back to Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368


Despite bilateral agreements, China stakes claim to 1,60,000 sq km of Russian territory as its own

Russia conceded Argun, Amur and Ussuri rivers, Zhenbao Island (or Damansky Island), Bear Island (or Bolshoi Ussurisky or Heixiazi Dao) and countless other land parcels to China through three bilateral border agreements signed in 1991, 1994 and 2005

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China has been making unilateral claims on Kazakhstan territory


China claims large portions of Kyrgyzstan on grounds that it had unfairly surrendered these portions to Russia in the 19th century


China claims Tajikistan on historical grounds dating back to the Qing Dynasty 1644-1912


China continues to encroach on Badakhshan province despite the 1963 bilateral treaty


China claims parts of Cambodia on historical grounds (Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368)


China claims parts of Laos on historical grounds (Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368)


China claims parts of Myanmar on historical grounds (Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368)


China claims parts of Mongolia on historical grounds (Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368)


China engaged in disputes over South China Sea

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A Verdict that Never Meant Anything: South China Sea


China engaged in disputes over South China Sea

US has affirmed its support to The Philippines


China engaged in disputes over South China Sea in spite of maritime collaboration formally agreed upon in 2019


China engaged in disputes over South China Sea

In April, Chinese ‘maritime militia’ vessels caught shadowing West Capella, a Malaysian drill ship conducting exploration activities off the country’s coast

When Malaysia’s objections fell on deaf ears, US and Australian warships entered the disputed waters forcing the Chinese vessel to move out

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