Incredulous statements on coronavirus by politicians that leave us confused

Karnataka has replaced Gujarat as the fourth-worst affected state in the country with the big jump in the number of coronavirus cases. When the state should be revisiting its strategy to contain COVID-19, comments by the health minister of the state, B Sriramulu have sparked a controversy.

He said “The cases, I am sure 100 percent will only go up in the next two months. One can keep claiming that it’s because of the government’s negligence or irresponsibility of the ministers or that cases are up because of a lack of coordination among the ministers. All of these allegations are far from the truth. Only God can save us from coronavirus.”

However, Mr. Sriramulu later clarified and said “I had said that besides people’s cooperation, God should also protect us but some reporters interpreted that ‘Sriramulu has become helpless with respect to coronavirus spread’.” 

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“What I meant was that till the time a vaccine comes, it is only God who can save us. The comment should not be wrongly interpreted,” he added.

In another incident, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee also expressed her helplessness in handling the coronavirus. On July, 9 In a video she said that ‘ “Opening doors and windows help to escape coronavirus.”

Ekta jinis mone rakhben, dorja janla khule dila virus ta kintu taratari chole jai (Remember this thing: Opening doors and windows help Coronavirus escape)”, Mamata Banerjee made a bizarre claim at 1:47 minute into the video. She further informed, “Whenever I travel by car, I keep the windows open. I do not have many windows or doors at my home. But, I keep them open as and when possible. The entry of sunlight or outside air into the room helps the virus escape.”

Earlier in MarchAssam BJP MLA Suman Haripriya also made a bizarre statement talking about the cure of coronavirus. Her statement had left everyone perplexed as she emphasized that cow dung and gomutra can be the potential cure for the virus.

 She said “We all know that cow dung is very helpful. Likewise, when cow urine is sprayed, it purifies an area… I believe something similar could be done with ‘gomutra’ and ‘gobar’ to cure Coronavirus (disease),” 

 According to Yogi Adityanath, Yoga is the optimal cure for any disease, be it heart attack, diabetes, kidney failure, or even coronavirus. While speaking at the Yog Mahotsav event in Rishikesh in March he had made this comment while highlighting the benefits of yoga. He said, “The world needs to be free of illnesses of the body and mind. If one overcomes mental illness, then one can avoid diseases such as blood pressure, heart attack, kidney failure, liver issues, and even the coronavirus.”

No doubt our leaders are also human and are entitled to their opinion. But when they occupy a public post, avoiding controversial statement would be more reassuring to all people gripped by fear of corona virus.

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