Global business anchor, Richard Quest, speaks on his battle with COVID 19

Coronavirus has taken over the world by storm – a pandemic that has impacted almost every country on this planet. Apart from the increasing numbers, many well-known personalities world over have been impacted by the COVID.

One such person is Richard Quest, Global Business Anchor, CNN. He has written an endearing account of his illness and how he fought against COVID.

In his article, he recounts that he got infected back in mid-April. The onset of symptoms came quickly. He suddenly noticed that he was feeling very tired and had a new cough. He got tested and later the medical center informed him that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

He says, “the virus is like a tornado. When it lands, it swirls through the body, causing chaos, confusion, coughs, wreaking damage to each organ it touches. Some won’t survive its visit. For those that do, when it has gone, one surveys the damage to the human landscape and realizes it’s much greater than first thought. My symptoms were on the milder side: I never had breathing difficulties, or loss of sense or smell. I was wiped-out tired and I always had “the cough.”

He also says that the COVID cough is not like the usual cough. It is very distinctive – dry, raspy, wheezy, cough. He narrated his experience in which he would get lots of short, expelling gasps of air, followed by long, deep, chest-wrenching expiration coughs.

Though he has tested negative for the virus and positive for the antibodies, he still feels it might return.

“I am also discovering new areas of damage: I have now become incredibly clumsy. I was never the most lissome person, no one ever called me graceful, but my clumsiness is off the chart. If I reach for a glass, or take something out of a cupboard, I will knock it, or drop it on the floor. I have tripped over the curb and gone flying. I fall over furniture. It is as if that part of my brain, which subconsciously adjusts hand and movement to obstacles it sees, isn’t working,” Quest recounts.

He urged people who haven’t had COVID to do whatever it takes to avoid this tornado, because it leaves behind a mess.

“It will roar through the body — kill some on the way — injure all in its path — and then when you think “well, thank God that’s gone, look around, the damage is strewn everywhere and will be with you long after the crisis has passed.”

Indeed, a situation that demands utmost care especially when it comes as a first-hand experience of someone who has experienced Coronavirus himself.


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