Pani puri ATM: The machine that dispenses golgappas

A video was posted on Twitter demonstrating how an ATM-like Pani Puri vending machine could make the popular chaat without any human intervention whatsoever. A 90-second video shows the machine, which has a label “Auto Pani Puri Centre”, in full action.

The machine has also been made in India, something all of us specially chaat lovers can be proud of, considering the ongoing anti-China sentiment.

The machine has an LCD monitor, which accepts commands like accept money and dispense Pain Puri. There’s a numerical keypad to make entries and has a slot to insert currency. Once the machine confirms the receipt of the money, it will display the number of deep-fried crisp mini puris that will be dispensed.

Once that’s done, there’s a well-functioning output to give put the Pani Puri one by one. There’s also a tiny display where the number of remaining ‘puris’ are shown. The overall execution of how Pani Puris are automatically handed out without any human intervention.

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The person in the video, who built the machine, said it took six months to fully develop it. It’s not clear how soon we could see these machines in every corner of the street, but the effort looks heartening.

The devastating pandemic has had a huge impact on the economy and has impacted big and small businesses. Our favourite pani puri stalls were not spared either. This kind of an innovation brings efficiency & hope in these uncertain times.

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