US buys nearly all stocks of potential COVID cure drug ‘Remdesivir’ for the next three months

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The US has bought nearly all the stocks for the potential COVID cure drug ‘Remdesivir’ for the next three months. This drug is one of the recently proven drugs that can combat coronavirus. Governments of various countries, including the UK, Europe are alarmed as no stock are left for them.

Experts are cautioned by the US’s piling up of the drug and its implications. The Trump administration has prepared itself to strike as many deals as they can to secure the medical supplies it needs for the US.

“They’ve got access to most of the drug supply, so there’s nothing for Europe,” said Dr Andrew Hill, a senior researcher at Liverpool University.

After topping the global COVID-19 tally, It has been a strategy for the US to pile up every drug that seems significant for the treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients. They have done the same, when Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug, was assumed to be a potential anti-corona drug.

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Remdesivir, the drug, was first used in the UK to treat it’s severely ill COVID-19 patients. It is also the first drug that has been approved by licensing authorities in the US to treat Covid-19. It is made by the pharmaceutical company Gilead. The first 140,000 doses, supplied for drug trials around the world, have been used up already.

The Trump government has already piled up more than 5,00,000 doses, which is said to be Gilead’s complete production in July and 90% of the next two months.

The major reason why this has become a matter of concern for other nations is that Gilead owns the patent right for the concerned drug, which means other countries cannot produce it.

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