My family and I had COVID-19 and this is how I bounced back: Innov8 founder Ritesh Malik recounts

Ritesh Malik, a doctor by profession, CEO and founder of Innov8 (co-working spaces), has donned many hats over the years – both as an investor and as an entrepreneur – but recently he took to twitter to share the saddest news of his life. He and his family members recently tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

He alerted netizens to not take this pandemic so casually. He wrote, “COVID is nearer to you than you think”. He also mentioned that despite the fact that he and his family members are doctors, they still got infected with the virus. “My father, mother, wife, sister turned covid+”, he tweeted.

He mentioned that they all got exposed at their hospital called Radix Healthcare, in East Delhi.

While sharing his experiences, he said that the period was the worst days of his life. To help others by sharing his own plight he wrote, “The only way to avoid Covid is to be madly paranoid. You should always have the fear that everything you touch, everyone you meet is Corona+”.

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“We’re in the midst of a grave war against a sub microbe which only replicates in living cells. Outside living cells it’s a dead crystal. ‘DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME’. I cannot stress on this enough. If you have to don’t without your mask, face shield and gloves”, he added.

He also shared some dos and don’ts which can be extremely helpful to raise awareness.

He also said, “have your house help reside at your residence, if that’s not possible do your own cleaning, cooking, but at any cost avoid external presence at your home. Fumigate your home once every week. 70% Ethanol sanitizer liquid should be sprayed as if it’s free, use it as much as possible”.

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