On Doctors Day, a salute to the bravehearts who lost their lives to COVID-19

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The Coronavirus pandemic has fallen hard on the doctors and medical professionals, who are relentlessly working day and night to help patients combat the deadly virus. Across the globe, the community of doctors is dedicated to selfless service, working with heavy PPE kits and protective gear on them; dealing with stress and constant fear of getting infected, yet, standing firm on the battlefield.

Not just this, these brave hearts are surviving all the odds and are working for the welfare of the community. From the stigma of contracting the disease and facing discrimination by the people around them – they have bared it all.

In the fight against the coronavirus, while protecting and saving the lives of so many people, we have lost a lot of medical professionals on duty.

Recently, Dr. Asheem Gupta who was working in Delhi’s Lok Nayak Jai Prakash (LNJP) hospital, which has been declared a Covid-19 hospital, tested positive and lost his life.

Sadly, he was not the only one. As per a report by IMA ( Indian Medical Association) that came out in May end, as many as 31 doctors and 3 nurses have died due to Covid-19 and they have contracted the virus while serving patients. Another report by The Hindu cites that by the end of April, 412 medical staff workers and doctors have tested positive. At least 96 doctors and 156 nurses had tested positive for Covid-19 across India as of April 22.

If we talk about global figures, in April only, Italy lost over 100 doctors, where the virus strain has been the most powerful. By the end of May, The Guardian reported that there have been 49 verified deaths of NHS (National Health Service) staff from Covid-19 in the United Kingdom.
With the pandemic spread across 188 countries, there are surely more figures which we are not aware of, but today is the day to pay tribute to all those brave souls and be obliged for their ‘martyrdom’. They are surely not just doctors, but they are martyrs who have braved their lives like soldiers

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