COVID-19: Guidelines to be followed by RWAs in Gurugram during unlock period

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The Centre on Monday issued guidelines for Phase II of the ‘Unlock’. In view of rising Covid-19 cases, most existing curbs such as the ban on reopening schools and colleges, as well as multiplexes, gyms, and bars, and the operation of Metro rail services, have been maintained.

Following which guidelines are being issued to RWAs in Gurugram, to be in effect till 31.07.2020.

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Guidelines to be followed by RWAs in Gurugram during COVID-19 Unlock 2 period till 31.07.2020-

1) All activities which have been permitted by the above notification to be
allowed by RWAs without any hindrance or additional restrictions,
except in the Containment Zones or large Outbreak Regions where only
movement for medical emergencies and supply of essential goods and
services are being allowed.

2) All residents of sectors/colonies/condominiums/group housing
societies to be allowed to enter/exit the gates of the sectors/ colonies/
condominiums/ GHSs for joining their workplaces which have been
permitted in above notification, with due precautions of thermal
scanning, hand sanitization and social distancing, except those in
Containment Zones or Large Outbreak Regions or those who have been
tested positive for Covid or kept in home quarantine by orders of District
Administration. Instructions related to night curfew between 10:00 PM
to 5:00 AM, except for medical emergencies and essential services to be
followed by RWAs.

3) Entry of house-helps and maids to the houses of residents to be allowed
with following restrictions:-

a. Mandatory use of face-mask.
b. Thermal scanning and hand sanitization at the entry gate.
c. Residents to be persuaded to make arrangements for stay of househelps and maids inside their houses, as far as possible, to avoid their
daily movement from their place of residence. (It is an advisory, not
a mandatory instruction).
d. If the area of residence of maid or house-helps has been declared as
Containment Zone or Large Outbreak Region then their entry is not
to be permitted by the RWA.
e. Entry of maids or house-helps to a Containment Zone or Large
Outbreak Region for work are not to be permitted.

4) RWAs are directed to cooperate in health survey related to Covid-19,
being done by District Administration in their jurisdictions.

5) Walks in common areas and parks are to be restricted by staggering the
morning and evening times (between 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM) on basis of
odd-even house number scheme to avoid crowding and maintain social
distancing. Playing of team games and group activities are not to be
permitted. RWAs to issue guidelines in this regards in their area.

6) MCG seeks cooperation of RWAs to execute responsibilities of COVID-19
management within their jurisdiction in following activities:-

i. Identification of vulnerable sections like pregnant women, senior
citizens, persons with co-morbidities and children of the age upto
10 and supporting them in availing essential goods and services.
ii. Putting up ‘Home Isolation’ notices on behalf of MCG at residences
of positive cases under home isolation and enforcement of the
isolation of other family members as per rules.
iii. Regulation of entry/exit of the Containment Zone by deputing
already available security guards to supplement govt authorities.
Exception to be given for medical emergencies.
iv. Enforcing bio-medical waste management of residences under
‘home-isolation’. Liaison with MCG for collection of bio-medical
waste as per fixed schedule.
v. Setting up of community/condominium based isolation centres
(wherever feasible) for those who cannot manage ‘homeisolation’ as per SOPs issued by government.
Following terms and conditions will be applicable:-
i. RWA will have to maintain confidentiality of details of COVID-19
positive cases in their jurisdiction and will not violate the privacy
of such cases. The details will not be shared publicly except to
those who give this duly signed undertaking and medical care
givers (with prior consent of COVID-19 positive person). Any
breach of confidentiality and privacy of positive cases will be
considered as violation of this undertaking.
ii. RWA will help in enforcing all regulations issued by District
Administration in letter and spirit. RWA can issue guidelines for
internal governance of its residents and jurisdictional areas to
combat spread of COVID-19 cases in their jurisdictions to the extent that they are not in violation or in excess of regulations
issued by National/State Governments.
iii. If any violation of the undertaking is reported and confirmed on
basis of an enquiry, the deponents giving this undertaking will be
communicated to rectify the violation immediately, failing which
this engagement will be terminated and appropriate action will
be initiated.
MCG invites applications of intent and undertaking in prescribed
format from RWAs for above cooperation. Applications can be made on
email – Contact details of all COVID-19 positive
cases will be shared on emails with RWAs on daily basis.

7) RWAs to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Government in letter and
spirit, failing which penal provisions as given in MHA notifications will
be attracted against the responsible office bearers of the RWAs.
Complaints from residents about RWAs introducing measures which go
beyond the letter and spirit of MHA Order dated 29th June, 2020 will be
investigated thoroughly and action will be taken against the Office
Bearers of the concerned RWAs wherever necessary. It is again clarified
that RWAs are authorized to complain to area SHOs/SDMs/Executive
Magistrates/Joint Commissioners (MCG) if they observe any violation of
the Unlock 2 instructions issued by the Government.

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