Can herbal concoctions or Kashayam cure Coronavirus? Here’s the truth

An image has been going viral on social media and WhatsApp claiming to be the recipe for a drink called Kashayam that is touted to be a cure for the Coronavirus.

The diagram shows that mixing of turmeric, cloves, lemon with skin, ginger with water will create the Kashayam. It further states that someone was Cured with this drink in 24 hours, and hence it’s a proven method.

The same picture was shared by several users on social media. Such posts can be seen here and here.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above information and found it to be fake.

While an article from The Hindu mentions Kashayam as an Ayurvedic concoction, it also mentions that it can be created using any combination of herbs.

Further, we also checked whether there was any cure for Coronavirus or not as mentioned regularly on the WHO website. It mentions that there is no medicine to cure Coronavirus yet, although the images above claim that the method is proven by a doctor.

Upon further research, we came across an article on The News Minute dated June 21, 2020 which mentions that a healthy individual in Kerala died of liver disease and investigation revealed that he was drinking kashayam or herbal concoctions that claimed to prevent COVID-19.

Hence, we can conclude that the claims of kashayam a being cure for COVID-19 are misleading and must not be believed.

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