Going to college in 2020? Here are some useful tips

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down for people across the globe. Never have people alive today seen a shutdown of personal and professional life at such a scale. While shutdowns related to coronavirus have forced a number of professionals to ‘work from home (WFH)’ and continue their routines, the aspiring segment of incoming university students have faced increased uncertainty. However, the time for losing hope is over. Here is a list of activities that students awaiting to start their university in the upcoming session can implement to make a killing when campuses open in the coming months.

Research Your Course

Lockdown gives admitted students an amazing opportunity to browse through the university website and understand their coursework. Many students enter universities without minimum knowledge required to tackle subjects at a university level. Spend time to see what your typical day would look like if you need to finish some pre-coursework to come up to date with some subjects, which clubs/societies you might want to participate in.

Network With Future Classmates

Most universities create groups comprising of incoming students. Make sure to use these groups to network with your future classmates. One of the most important aspects of university life is the social circle that you will create. Breaking the ice before your semester starts will be an excellent way to enter the campus with confidence.

Explore The City

Given the increased mobility, many of you might have decided to go to a university that is not in your home town. Fire up your google maps and explore what the city where your university is looks life. Interesting theatres, bars, clubs, bookstores, and museums will be spots that you will be frequenting while on campus. Additionally, it always helps if you know the hot-spots before anyone else does.

Plan For Life Phase Change

Moving from your school routine to a university routine will initially be a challenge. It is important that you understand that you will be the only one responsible for your performance at the university. While there will be no one nagging you about bedtime and incomplete homework, understand that this increased freedom comes with responsibility. Talk to someone who you trust and use this time to take some tips from them about what mistakes they made in managing themselves during their time at university and take tips for managing your new lifestyle.

Spend Time With School Friends

Life moves very fast. University years can be extremely busy and it can be some time before you get to meet your group of high school buddies. Use this time to connect (online, if required) with your high school friends and cherish the time that you have left with them.

(The author is a NewsMobile School Journalism intern and alumni of Doon School)

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