A new COVID-19 scare: Flushing the toilet can fling Coronavirus aerosols all over


Many previous developments have proved that COVID-19 spreads rapidly through droplets; not just the bodily fluids but also from human secreta. A new research suggest that droplets arising from the human waste, while using the toilet, can also be a significant cause for the spread of coronavirus.

Fresh research published in the Journal Physics of the Fluids, reveals interesting details about the spread of the virus through toilet flushing. The researchers tell that when a COVID infected patient flushes his body waste, the turmoil generated by flushing, can push certain droplets/ aerosols up in the air up to 3 feet ( 91 cm).

These droplets can land on other surfaces in the bathroom, which can be easily transmitted to others using the same toilet. Apart from this, the turbulence generated by the flushing velocity pushes air particles/ aerosols upwards that could stay afloat in the air for one minute, this adds the risk of it being inhaled by the other bathroom users.

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Researchers of the American Institute of Physics signify that this could be one of the vital preventive measures to be implemented, considering the continuous growth of COVID figures. The research also focuses on minimizing the use of community and public toilets.

In the press release published by the researchers on Tuesday, Co-author of the research, Ji-Xiang Wang of Yangzhou University said: “One can foresee that the velocity will be even higher when a toilet is used frequently, such as in the case of a family toilet during a busy time or a public toilet serving a densely populated area.”

Stressing upon this, they have advised everyone to lower the lid of the toilet before flushing and have also raised concern for countries like the US that have a prevalence of lidless toilets.

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