US: NYC to ‘open up’; Trump orders withdrawal of National Guards from DC

After months of lockdown that brought the ‘city that never sleeps’ to a state of complete lockdown, the ‘Big Apple’ will finally be opening up on Monday.

Construction, Wholesale and retail businesses and all ‘non-essential’ services have been given the permission to start operations once again. However, the administration has specified that strict measures of social distancing will have to be followed.

The Subways too are expected to be packed from Monday as businesses and workplaces will reopen. However, they will continue to remain shut from 1AM-5AM for cleaning purposes.

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The city hopes to kickstart its economy, which has largely suffered due to the COVID-19 related lockdown and the recent protests caused due to the killing of George Floyd.

The US President Donald Trump also announced the withdrawal of the National Guards from Washington D.C, even as the civil unrest situation improved across the US.

He tweeted: “I have just given an order for our National Guard to start the process of withdrawing from Washington DC, now that everything is perfectly under control.”

However, he warned that: “They will be going home, but can quickly return, if needed. Far fewer protesters showed up last night than anticipated.”

The situation more or less remained peaceful across the US on Sunday with only peaceful protests that continued in most parts of the two coasts.

The number of positive cases across the US ( as of Monday) has reached 1.9 million, with 110, 514 deaths so far. The US continues to remain the most affected country globally.

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