COVID-19 | Top 10 global developments this Friday morning

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The total number of COVID-19 cases globally has crossed 58 lakh while the death toll has breached the 3.6 lakh mark.

Here are the top 10 global developments this Friday morning-

1. The total number of COVID-19 cases across the world now stands at 5,808,946 while the global death toll stands at 360,308. On a more positive note, 2,415,960 people have already recovered from this deadly virus.

2. US President Donald Trump once again attacked Beijing over the coronavirus pandemic, calling the virus “a very bad gift from China”, less than an hour after marking the 1,00,000 US deaths milestone.

3. US job losses from COVID-19 reaches 41 million. Some 2.1 million more Americans filed for first-time unemployment claims last week, the Labour Department said on Thursday.

4. The United Nations Seretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned world leaders that the COVID-19 pandemic will cause ‘unimaginable devastation and suffering around the world,’ with historic levels of hunger and famine and up to 1.6 billion people unable to earn a living unless action is taken now.

He also told a high-level meeting that COVID-19 could also lead to ‘a loss of $8.5 trillion in global output, the sharpest contraction since the Great Depression of the 1930s.’

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5. Britain has agreed to hold a United Nations’ climate summit in November 2021, after the event originally planned for later this year had to be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

6. UK PM Boris Johnson says groups of 6 can meet outside from Monday, if they maintain social distancing.

“These changes mean that friends and family can start to meet their loved ones, perhaps seeing both parents at once or grandparents at once,” Johnson told the media, adding that schools would re-open to more students and outdoor retailers and car showrooms would also be able to open from Monday.

7. Spain’s Health Ministry said that recorded deaths from the coronavirus have reached 27,119, rising by just one for the second day in a row as authorities fine-tune a new methodology for logging cases and deaths.

Just 38 deaths were reported over the last seven days, while a total of 237,906 diagnosed cases have been detected since the beginning of the outbreak, the ministry’s figures showed.

8. South Africa to ease coronavirus lockdown: The South African government has announced it will allow people to buy alcohol and attend church services starting Monday as part of its phased relaxation of the coronavirus lockdown.

9. The English Premier League and Italy’s Serie A are set to resume next month after a near-three month suspension over coronavirus fears.

10. The Boston Marathon has been cancelled for the first time in its 124-year history. Organizers said that they will instead have a ‘virtual event’ in which participants who verify that they ran 26.2 miles on their own will receive their finisher’s medal.

The race had originally been scheduled for April 20 before being postponed for five months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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