Fact Check: Old picture of man pushing a giant wheel with his bike shared as innovation by migrant worker during COVID-19

The Coronavirus induced national lockdown has forced workers all over the country to migrate to their towns and villages. Photos and videos of these migrant workers travelling home are all over the internet.

One such video, shows a man riding his bike with a welded giant wheel in place of the front tyre. It is being claimed that it is an innovation by an Indian migrant worker.

The caption of the video read: ‘This migrant labour in India surely deserves an award for their Brains, innovation & Practical and workable solutions. He has removed the front wheel of his bike & welded his bike to the giant wheel with tyres. He has put a charpoy ( which itself is an Indian innovation) on top to sleep also. Amazing


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found the claim to be false.

On putting the keyframes of the video through Reverse Image Search, we found a report by a Chinese news and information platform, Axtoutiao, dated March 7, 2019, featuring the same video.

The headline of the report read, ‘The motorcycle modified by the Indian third brother comes with a car steering wheel, which can carry many people at once’. (Translated from Chinese)

The report mentions that the video is from India but does not mention the exact location or date of the video. The incident has been reported by other news organisations as well. Read the report here and here.

We also found the video in question on YouTube dated November 2, 2018. The title of the video read, ‘Read Indian to do this’.

NewsMobile could not independently verify the origin of the video. But, the above information establishes the fact that the video in question is old as it was already been in circulation on the internet much before the migrant crisis started due to lockdown in 2020.

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