Fact Check: Pictures from Pakistan being shared as communal clashes in West Bengal

A few pictures are being shared on social media with a claim that houses of Dalit Hindus are being set ablaze in Telinipara in West Bengal

” पश्चिम बंगाल के हुगली जिले के टेलनीपारा में दलित हिन्दुओं के घरों को जलाया जा रहा है। ” – The caption read.

(Translation: The houses of Dalit Hindus are being burnt in the Telinipara of Hooghly district of West Bengal.)



NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be misleading.

We put the images through Reverse Image Search and found a tweet with a similar man and woman featured in them. The caption of the old picture read that they were attacked by neighborhood in Chak No 121, Rahimyar khan, Punjab, Pakistan.

The tweet, dated May 10, 2020, also claims that the woman was sexually assaulted publically.

Replying to the above tweet, the official Twitter handle of Punjab Police, Pakistan, clarified that it was a land ownership dispute claimed by both Hindu and Muslim families. They also informed that the case has been filed and the accused have been arrested.

“It is primarily a land ownership dispute claimed by both Hindu and Muslim families, on which the parties clashed and the medical reports of the injured are being processed, after which further legal action will be taken, ” Google translation of the tweet read.


“Case No. 42/20 Crime 354/506/148/149 of this incident has been registered and the accused have been arrested, ” the Punjab police added in another tweet.

As for the pictures of burning houses, we found several tweets with claims that ‘21 houses of Hindus are burnt in Tadados, Tharparkar, Sindh’.

Some claimed the incident took place in Balochistan.

NewsMobile independently couldn’t verify the origin of the picture.

On another front, violence did erupt in Telinipara in West Bengal’s Hooghly district over the movement of people in containment zones. Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) was imposed in the area on 12 May.

However, the pictures used in the above posts are from Pakistan and not India. Hence, the post is misleading.

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