US tightens Visa rules for Chinese Journalists

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The US government has tightened Visa rules for Chinese Journalists wanting to enter the US.

The new regulation issued by the Department Of Homeland Security said that the visas issued to Chinese Journalists will only be valid only for 90 days and the holder of the visa will have to extend it then onwards.

Earlier, Chinese Journalists were issued visas for fixed periods.

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This is the latest in a sign of deteriorating ties between US and China.

It was only in March that the two nations expelled Journalists from each other’s nations.

The Chinese government had expelled three Journalists from the ‘Wall Street Journal’ after the newspaper’s critical article which China termed as ‘racist’.

The US has in recent times been critical of various Chinese media outlets which have termed as ‘propaganda outlets’.

The COVID-19 which has claimed more than 75,000 lives in the US has been attributed to China’s negligence and President Donald Trump has blasted China for this.

The US has also imposed various sanctions against China and ordered an inquiry into the ‘Wuhan virus’.

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