World Asthma Day: Precautions that asthmatics need to take during Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. With over 3 million people affected by it and the numbers rising by the day, coronavirus has become a health hazard like humanity hasn’t seen before.

Asthmatic kids more likely to become obese

In such a situation, few types of people become even more vulnerable to its attack. This includes the aged, people with existing medical problems, pregnant women and children. Apart from this, asthmatics are the ones who have to take extra precautions to safeguard themselves from this disease. Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that patients with moderate-severe asthma could be at greater risk for more severe disease, there is no conclusive evidence to prove this.

Theme for this year on World Asthma Day is – Hold your breath!
But this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a global campaign planned to be launched, has been postponed. But world over, people are taking a minute to breathe deeply and hold their breath, in solidarity to all those suffering from SARS-CoV2 brutal attack.

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Hence, today on World Asthma Day, lets see what are the precautions that asthmatics need to take especially in the times of this virus.

In the current pandemic, the best thing a person with asthma can do is to keep their asthma under control. Even though it is advised to stop steroids during the coronavirus outbreak, asthma patients should keep their control mechanisms going on as usual. They may, otherwise, be more prone to allergic infections as the weather also has changed.

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Minimise their exposure to a COVID scenario – Asthma patients should refrain from going out in the open, maintain social distancing and ensure they are in conducive environment, which doesn’t increase their asthma attacks. Going to hospitals etc should also be minimised and as much as possible and virtual consultation should be practiced.

Temporarily, at this point, most asthmatics should protect themselves by socially isolating themselves and maintaining utmost hygiene levels.

Mental health and positivity are also important. Stress can increase chances of coming down with an attack, hence maintaining a calm situation can help immensely.

Asthma is a condition that requires care. Control medication and constant consultation with your medical doctor can be good start points.
Coronavirus is a hard reality and we need to take this situation seriously.

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