COVID-19: China mocks US in a new video titled ‘Once Upon A Virus’

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With massive economic losses mounting as half of humanity is in a state of lockdown and Covid-19 affecting more than three million people and killing over 200,000, the last thing on anyone’s mind presently is a war of words between China and the US.

However, that’s precisely what happened when China, without answering any of the genuine questions regarding their culpability, created a video titled ‘once upon a virus’ and mocked the US in it.

The video uploaded on the Twitter page of the Chinese Embassy in Paris is about 1 minute and 37 seconds long.

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It lists out all the Chinese warnings to the global community beginning from January and also shows how the city of Wuhan was shut down.

It accuses the US of ignoring these warnings and calling Chinese actions ‘barbaric’ and accusing them of human rights violations.

It finally concludes in a way where China is shown to be responsible and the US is shown to be irresponsible. It ends with the note that “US is always right”.

The video backfired with many users calling on China to accept their culpability.

In recent times, President Trump has been angered by China’s negligence and has threatened sanctions and even said that the trade deal signed is only secondary.

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