Irreverent, funny, direct; here’s why Rishi Kapoor was a Twitter beloved!

If you’ve followed @chintskap on Twitter, then Rishi Kapoor’s homour, wit and firm stand on issues doesn’t need any introducing.

Rishi Kapoor, who passed away at the age of 67 on Thursday, was a Twitter beloved for interacting with fans, putting out funny memes (sometimes the typical ‘dad jokes’ and still be funny), and of late being extremely vocal and firm about certain issues in the country and even giving it back to the haters happened in style!

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His last tweet was an urge to the citizens of the country to not ‘resort to violence,stone throwing or lynching’ and that ‘We have to win this Coronavirus war together’.

And while he was quite vocal and pressing about following government orders to combat COVID-19, his humour didn’t take a backseat.

There have been several instances where he shared some witty tweets while taking on some serious issues.

The time when he took a strong stance on the Aarey Colony controversy in Mumbai for all the ‘right reasons’.

The time when he got his account verified with a blue ‘tikka’ and announced it with the thing he would do!

And of course the time when he announced his alternate career when his acting career was at a low.

Witty takes on many social trends including clothing, youth career choices, etc never failed to tickle our funny bones.

The time he took a dig at the ripped fashion trend and collection at Zara stores.

He did make quite some jokes following demonetization!

And then came the marriage jokes and witty posts about drinking which never failed to make his audience laugh.

His wit, humour and jovial vibes will always be remembered.

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