Cong MP Revanth’s announcement of Rs 50 lakh from MPLAD to TIMS ‘cheap publicity stunt’: TRS leader

[#item_author]TRS leader Krishank speaking to ANI in Hyderabad on Thursday.

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], April 30 (ANI): Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader Krishank on Thursday questioned the announcement of Congress MP Revanth Reddy to donate Rs 50 lakhs from his MPLAD fund to Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) and termed it as a ‘cheap publicity stunt’.
“Telangana Congress working President and Malkajgiri Lok Sabha Parliamentarian, Revanth Reddy has met Medchal District Collector and has announced a contribution of 50 lakhs of MPLAD’s fund to TIMS (Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences) in Gachibowli for a sewage treatment plant,” Krishank told ANI.
“We have seen the guidelines of MPLAD. It clearly states that what Revanth Reddy has done is a merely cheap publicity stunt, in Malkajgiri. The Telangana Government has been doing a lot to the migrant labourers, daily wage labourers till date,” he said.
The TRS leader claimed the contribution is not legally valid as TIMS is located in Chevella Parliamentary constituency.
“While the Union Government has taken a resolution by the Cabinet of the Centre, that for two years there will be no MPLAD. According to MPLAD guidelines, if a Parliamentarian has to contribute a sum to another constituency, they can contribute only Rs 25 lakh for a financial year. Then how is it possible that Revanth Reddy can contribute 50 lakhs for the financial year to TIMS which is in Chevella Parliamentary constituency? It cannot be legally valid. It clearly shows that Revanth Reddy has done a fake contribution only for a publicity stunt,” he said. (ANI)


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