COVID-19: 728 people dead in Iran due to methanol poisoning

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Over 700 people have died in Iran after consuming Methanol, mistaking it to cure the deadly Coronavirus.

The National Health Authority said that over 728 people died from February 20 to April 6 of this year.

This, when compared to just 66 deaths due to alcohol poisoning last year, is a cause for worry.

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Iranian Health Ministry has said that over 5000 people have been hospitalized and over 70 people have lost their vision and have organ malfunctioning due to the consumption of methanol.

Methanol poisoning can cause damages to the liver, chest pain, nausea, blindness, and even lead to coma.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been one of the most affected nations in the world due to this virus. It has over 91,000 confirmed cases and over 5800 deaths reported.

The US sanctions have delayed medical products from entering Iran.

Even in the US, President Trump’s remarks over-consuming disinfectants to cure Covid-19 have faced flak.

Manufacturers have been trying to differentiate between products and are publishing warnings telling users that disinfectants are not be consumed and they do not ensure a cure of the virus.

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