Fact Check: Did food scarcity due to lockdown make this man kill his son? Here’s the truth

A picture has surfaced on the internet in which a man can be seen standing next to a lifeless body of a child.

It has been claimed that the child has been killed because the family was unable to feed him due to the ongoing national lockdown to contain the Coronavirus.

The caption of the picture read: “जब ये फोटो अरब दुनिया तक पहुंचे तो उनको जरूर बता देना के ये उसी हिंदुस्तान की रोज़मर्रा आने वाली तस्वीरो में से एक तस्वीर है जहां लोकडाउन में पूरा परिवार भूख की शिद्दत से तंग आकर आत्महत्या कर लेता है …मगर सत्ता के नशे में मदहोश सरकार हिंदूवादी चरमपंथियों और मीडिया को साथ लेकर केवल मुसलमानों के उत्पीड़न के मज़े लूटने को ही राजधर्म मानती है ☹️☹️”
(Translation- When this photos reach the Arab world, do tell them that this is one of the pictures coming from India, where lockdown is forcing the entire family to commit suicide due to hunger. But drunk in power, the government along with the media is enjoying the oppression of Muslims)

Fact check

When the team at NewsMobile fact-checked the above post, we found that the claim attached to the picture is fake.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image search and using some keywords like ‘father’, ‘kills’, ‘son’, we came across a YouTube video published on April 19 which talks about the same incident.

According to the video, the incident took place in Rahim Yar Khan in Pakistan, where Liaquat Hussain strangulated his son and hung his corpse by a rope to frame his in-laws in the murder.

According to a report by The Tribune on the same incident, Superintendent of Police Investigation, Faraz Ahmed, addressed a press conference and revealed that the man had killed his minor son to take revenge from his wife’s family.

Hence, it proves that the picture was not clicked in India and it is not related to the lockdown or Coronavirus.

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