COVID-19 | ‘Sadbhav, Sadachar, Samvad’ key for social discipline: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday delivered a message on COVID-19 wherein he emphasised on the fact that the war against COVID-19 will surely be won, but the real challenge lies in restoring normalcy, which will need ‘Sadbhav, Sadachar, Samvad’ to be encouraged for the social discipline needed.

Here are the key takeaways from the RSS chief’s video address-

– When people were bound by rules and guidelines, they felt that they were being prohibited from doing things. RSS made a decision in March itself & cancelled all its programs till June end.

– He cautioned against vested interests trying to take advantage of the situation. “Don’t get angry… don’t get fired up.. There are members of the ‘bharat tere tukde honge’ gang who are trying to incite the public, he said. We cannot harbour ill-will against the entire community for mistakes of few individuals”, he said.

– There is no dearth of people who instigate others. This gives birth to anger, which in turn gives birth to imprudence. This can lead to gives extreme acts. We know that there are forces that reap benefits out of these.

– The 130 crore population of India are all the children of Bharat Mata. This should be kept in mind. There should be no fear or anger from both sides. Rational and responsible people should protect their groups from this.

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– On the lynching and murder of the two ‘sadhus’ in Maharashtra’s Palghar, he questioned – Should this have happened? Should law and order be taken into one’s hands? What should the Police have done? All of these need to be thought about.

– He emphasised on the role of RSS and said that they are active during lockdown, the work has taken the shape of relief activities. Besides making others aware, RSS workers are following all rules and precautions during lockdown in the wake of COVID-19

– We should continue the relief work till this pandemic ends, help all those who are affected due to COVID-19 crisis: He said to all the RSS workers

– He also said that India has handled this pandemic effectively as government and people responded proactively to this crisis.

– Serve people without discrimination as all who need help are our own. It is our duty to help in this time of crisis. Even if someone does something wrong, do not consider everyone guilty, as some people want to misuse it.

– We have to come up with our new model of development which makes us self-reliant

– As much as possible use indigenous goods and try to live without using imported items.

– We will definitely work during coronavirus and for that, we have to live healthily. So we should follow the guidelines of Aayush Ministry. If we will be fit then we can deliver work on the ground.

– ‘India never discriminates and is helping other countries with medicines during COVID-19 pandemic’. He said that India has suffered a loss, but still sent the medicines to other countries, which were banned for exporting to other countries. “India never discriminates. We work for all”

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