Did Japanese Noble Prize Winner, Tasuku Honjo, say that COVID-19 is man-made? Here’s the truth

Posts have been circulating on social media claiming that Japanese Scientist and Noble Prize Winner Tasuku Honjo has announced that the noble Coronavirus is not natural but man-made.

The post also claims that Honjo worked in Wuhan, China for four years and that the virus was created in China.


We fact-checked the above claims and found them to be false.

When we looked for Honjo’s name on the web, we came across the most recent article by Taiwan News published on April 14, wherein Honjo has mentioned that Japan should follow Taiwan, China for preventive strategies against the coronavirus battle.

It states: Honjo stressed that Taiwan would serve as a great model for Japan to follow. He praised Taiwan’s mask rationing system as well as virtual learning platforms and said both could effectively prevent the worsening of Japan’s pandemic.

We then searched by the keywords and found that a claim about Coronavirus being created in a lab was actually made by Nobel laureate and French scientist Luc Montagnier.

Furthermore, we also checked the truth behind Covid-19 being created in a lab. A study in the journal Nature.com, published by multiple science magazines clearly states that the virus was not created in a lab.

Hence, it is clear that Japanese scientist and Nobel Prize winner Tasuku Honjo did not claim that Coronavirus was made in China.

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