Stuck indoors on Earth Day? 10 ways to celebrate the power of nature

April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day, since its inception in 1970.
A significant day, which otherwise would have attracted large scale celebrations across the globe, with people coming out in the open, but this time, it will be different.

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With the mayhem of coronavirus spread across the globe, social distancing and lockdowns the norm, most people will commemorate the occasion by staying indoors. But this should not deter our spirits to unite as a family and indulge in activities that can help spread the message that the Earth is important for our survival and we need to respect it each day.

As we remain inside, images of pollution free skies, of animals returning to their native areas and of the beauty of nature are making us smile daily. This is how beautiful our earth is and we should all strive to ensure, that even when we return to normal life, we continue with our endeavours to protect it.
Here are some activities that you can do whilst being home.

Plant a seed and ‘greenify’ your space –
If you have a balcony, a garden or even some small green space in your home, this is the time to beautify it. A small seed, herb, vegetable can be perfect to nurture and grow. And if you already have plants, give them your time and love today. Get some inside the house and make your house look green and pretty. A plant can do wonders to the aesthetics of any space.

Indulge in 15-minute daily meditation –
As we remain locked down in our homes, its also time to sit back and think. Move away from the run and mediate, get the soul and body in tandem. Meditation helps immensely. Start the practice. A happy and healthy body can do wonders for the world at large.

Master the art of recycling –
Utilise your time by understanding the concept of recycling better than what you already know. The world can do much better if we start using recycled goods and also dispose our waste properly. Refresh your knowledge of local recycling rules.

Promise to shop sustainable brands online –
Now is the time to support the Earth and also the ones who help create material, goods that are organic and recycled. Search for such brands and put them in your preference list. Minimise purchase of stuff which is harmful for the sustenance of nature.

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Creating posters, hashtag Earth Day Network –
How about the family getting together and creating posters for Earth Day? A perfect family event plus some good for the environment. Hashtag the Earth Day Network and make an impact on the world.

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Donate for the needy –
Many people across the world as also in our own countries are suffering because of the lockdown and coronavirus. Migrant and daily wage labour are homeless and without basic amenities. Join charities, donate food and make a human being feel cared for. Earth Day is all about compassion after all.

Forget movies, watch documentaries –
There are many beautiful documentaries available, which make you feast on the vast grandeur of the Earth. Netflix, Our Planet, NatGeo are some of the places that have a treasure trove available. Sit with the family and look through them.

Star and Planet gazing –
With more than half the world indoors, the skies are clear of smoke and pollution. Venture out in your balconies tonight. Watch the clear skies and identify stars and planets that could be visible. Use the google to search for information on the stars you can see. Earth Day happens to correspond with the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower, so you might just be lucky.

Earth Day Network goes digital –
For the first time ever, Earth Day is completely digital. People from across the globe, can log on to the official Earth Day website and tune in for an all-day live stream event featuring messages, performances and calls to action from well known celebrities.
Earth Day’s social media will also release one action each hour for 24 hours so that individuals can participate in helping the planet.
Also download the Earth Challenge 2020 app, which is “fuelling the world’s largest citizens scientist effort” to gather scientific data around you.

Online virtual trips with NASA –
NASA has been celebrating #EarthDayAtHome all month. On the occasion of Earth Day, they are hosting a special “NASA Science Live” broadcast featuring environmental experts, who will converse on green technology and the environment at large. It Will also contain a YouTube playlist Wednesday featuring a series of short videos from Earth science experts.

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