COVID-19: From a million to two in 13 days, virus continues to wreak havoc globally

The total number of coronavirus positive cases across the world has crossed the two million mark. It took 13 days for these cases to get doubled and cross two million.

US has maximum positive cases and most deaths

According to Johns Hopkins University, the US has over 639,000 cases out of the 2 million which is slightly over quarter of the total number of cases.

The country has seen over 30,800 deaths. The total number of deaths globally is presently is over 137,000. This indicates that the US has a little less than 10% of the total number of deaths world over.

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The seriousness of the situation is visible to all. However, President Donald Trump was combative on Tuesday and Wednesday during the press conference.

Apart from targeting reporters who questioned his claims that the curve has flattened, he announced that all measures enforcing lockdown shall be lifted from May 1 and he has the sole authority in doing so.

Many of the states such as New York and Washington have reported fewer than 1000 cases. However, the number are surging in New York.

The US President is expected to issue guidelines on the lifting of the lockdown on Thursday.

The U.S has also withdrawn its funding to the World Health Organization. With a contribution of USD 400 million, U.S is the largest fund giver to WHO. China contributes USD 44 million to WHO.

Europe Focus

Italy is seeing a flattened curve. However, it will be too early to say this with surety. What can be stated is that Spain has emerged as the new hotspot with over 180,000 cases (second highest globally) and over 18,800 cases.

Spain can emerge as the new Italy, going by the emerging trend.

Another cause for concern is the rising number of cases in France. This has happened after the curve had flattened.

West Asia

Turkey with 69,000 cases is slated to take over Iran as the leading COVID-19 hotspot in West Asia and will only be second to China.

This happens even as Turkey continues to mismanage the entire situation and continue to raise frivolous questions pertaining to the handling of the situation by India and other nations.

Other members of the GCC are handling the situation with fewer cases and a complete and strict lockdown that has been enforced.

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