Baisakhi: Festival that marks the birth of Khalsa Panth

Baisakhi 2020, one of the prime festivals for the followers of Sikh religion, is celebrated annually on April 13 or 14. The day marks the birth of Khalsa Panth under Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhs, in the year 1699. Also on this day, Sikh New Year is celebrated. North Indians, especially people in Punjab and Haryana celebrate their good harvest.

How is Baisakhi celebrated?

Baisakhi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour in Punjab and Haryana, the two destination predominantly with Sikh population India. There are bright colours, delicious cuisine, folk songs, and dances, and awesome people. People celebrate and shout “Jatta aayi Baisakhi,” and move towards their farm lands. Baisakhi celebrations in villages of Punjab is just gorgeous, and a thing to witness and experience. Men and women together perform bhangda and gidda (folk dances) on the beat of dhol, which add to the entire celebration.

The farmers specially wake up early in the morning on this day and take a bath in the ponds or rivers. Then they visit the gurudwaras and thank god for blessing them with good harvest. At several places in Punjab and Haryana, Baisakhi mela (fair) is organised where people enjoy with friends and family. These fairs have all the elements to entertain people, like gidda or bhangra performances, and wrestling championships are held.

A range of delicious food is prepared in each household that tastes of love and loads of ghee! People wear new clothes, pray to god, exchange gifts, and meet their friends and relatives whom they haven’t met in a long time.Baisakhi procession

Baisakhi procession is a prime feature of the Baisakhi celebration in India and anywhere. Also known as Nagar Kirtan, this religious procession is carried out in the entire city under the guidance of Panj Piaras (Five Beloved Ones). Be it men, women, or kid, everyone partakes in the procession with much vigour and enthusiasm. This colourful procession looks quite enchanting with people dancing around, dhol playing, and folk dances.

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