COVID-19: US Visa sanctions on nations refusing to repatriate their citizens

US President Donald Trump (file image)

Nations refusing to repatriate their nationals, citizens and subjects from the US will soon face visa sanctions, according to a memorandum issued by US President Donald Trump.

These visa restrictions will remain in place till December 31 and nations refusing to repatriate their citizens, nationals and thereby endangering US public safety and health of Americans will be denied visas to enter the US.

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“Countries that deny or unreasonable delay the acceptance of their citizens, subjects, nationals of residents from the United States during the ongoing pandemic caused by SARS COV-2 create unacceptable public health risks for Americans” said the memorandum issued by Trump.

This was issued to the Department of State and Homeland Security.

According to the procedure, the Department of Homeland Security will initiate a process to punish nations who despite requests do not adhere to evacuate their citizens and thereby endangering American lives.

This will then be passed to the US State Department who will then levy visa restrictions within 7 days.

These restrictions will be lifted immediately after nations comply.

The US has over 300,000 cases and 10,000 deaths till date.

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