COVID-19: Countries impose hefty fines to ensure lockdown compliance

As more than 3 billion people or half of humanity is under a state of lockdown due to the deadly Coronavirus, there are some violators who choose to defy the lockdown which has been imposed for their larger good.

These violators are being deeply penalised in many nations.

In India, the various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the National Disaster Management Act have been invoked to penalise individuals, apart from seizing vehicles and imposing fines.

Let us look at some of the nations and how they are dealing with the violators:

1. United Kingdom:

People are supposed to follow social distancing and are allowed to come out of their homes for only a light workout or purchase of essential items.

Violators are charged £60 for the first offence, £120 for the second offence and double the amount for every subsequent offence.

However, for the first-time offence, those who pay the amount within the first two weeks will have to shell out only £30.

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2. United Arab Emirates:

The Gulf nation has established a fine list for those who are violating the laws.

Individuals not following the social distancing norms will pay AED 2000 and those not maintaining social distancing and not wearing masks are being AED 1000 for each offence.

Those found violating administrative lockdowns in places such as restaurants, cinemas etc are liable fined a mighty AED 50,000.

Creating health hazards such as spitting invite AED 3000 as fine.

3. Germany:

Germany is in a state of complete lockdown and a flat rate of €500 is being imposed on those not following the social distancing norms or endangering public health safety through acts such as spitting.

4. China and Hong Kong:

China reinforced its local police force with men from the People’s Liberation Army who ensured an iron clad lockdown of the Wuhan province. As per reports Individuals who were affected were “dragged across” to the quarantine centres.

As the lockdown got serious, offenders were forced to shell out USD 206.

Neighbouring Hong Kong levies a fine of HKD 2000 for offenses related to social distancing.

5. United States of America:

Surprisingly, even as the epicentre has shifted to the US, there are not standard fines and penalties. It has been left to the states to decide. Many of the states have no social distancing practices in place.

Many states have refused to enforce either a lockdown or levy fines for its noncompliance.

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