FAKE Alert: Countries are NOT throwing dead bodies of COVID-19 patients into the seas

A video has been circulating on social media showing dead bodies washed off a seashore. It further urge people to stop eating seafood as it is being claimed that bodies of Coronavirus patients are thrown into the sea.

The caption to the video reads: “Some countries throw COVID-19 infected dead bodies into the seas. Advice to stop eating seafood. The World is really coming to an end. Dear God, please intervene.”

The same video was shared with the same claim several times which can be seen here and here.

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When we took keyframes from the above video using the InVid Tool, it led us to a 2014 Al Jazeera report of a boat that capsized off the Libyan Coast and led to the death of African migrants.

The article states that a boat filled with upto 250 migrants, headed to Europe, has sunk off the Libyan coast and many passengers have died. Migrants on the capsized boat were mostly Africans.

When we further checked for information on this incident, it led us to a Daily Mail article with photos from the capsize, which matched other keyframes from the video.

It is hence confirmed that the video has no links to COVID-19 and its an old video from 2014. It is thus fake news.

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