Fact Check: Picture of a cop beating a priest in MP being shared with a communal twist

A few pictures are doing rounds on social media in which a policeman can be seen beating a priest. Claims are being made that he is Abid Khan, the Superintendent of Police (SP) of MP’s Rewa district.

“रीवा SP आबिद खान और उनकी स्पेशल टीम का ये कृत्य घिनौना और साम्प्रदायिक द्वेष है। हम मंदिर पर बलपूर्वक भीड़ हटाने के विरोधी नही,परन्तु मंदिर में जूते पहनकर जाना, वहाँ के पुजारी पर धार्मिक द्वेष से बेरहमी से लाठी चार्ज करने और पूजा सामग्री को फोड़ना इन सभी कृत्यों की हम निंदा करते है। UP में मस्जिद की भीड़ हटाने गयी पुलिस ने नमाज के बाद भीड़ को खदेड़ा था, न कि नमाज के दौरान।” the caption read. 



NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to be false.

We ran a search using relevant keywords and found a tweet by Official Handle of the Department of Public Relations, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

As per the tweet, the policeman in the picture is NOT Abid Khan. The tweet also states that the police went to investigate after they received the information of mass gathering at a place despite the lockdown.

The tweet also states that the cop in the picture is the station in-charge, Rajkumar Mishra, who went to investigate the matter. A statement by IG Rewa was also attached to the tweet.

The statement also adds that following the incident, Mishra has been taken off duty and sub-inspector Shivpujan Singh Bishan has been appointed as the new station in-charge.

This proves that the narrative being shared by pictures is false.

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