NewsMobile COVID-19 Fact-Check Wrap

While the entire world is busy fighting the WHO declared pandemic Coronavirus, a lot of misinformation is being shared on social media regarding the COVID-19.

Here are some of the viral fake news debunked by NewsMobile Team



Baba Ramdev did not donate Rs 800 crore to fight Coronavirus

Don’t believe the FAKE news of Salman Khan donating Rs 250 crore to fight Coronavirus

Sachin Tendulkar donated Rs 250 crores to fight against Coronavirus? Here’s the truth

Indian Army has set up a 1000-bed quarantine facility in Barmer, Rajasthan? Here’s the truth

Fact Check: This picture of PM Modi in Church has no relation to Coronavirus outbreak

Herd of deers spotted on Ooty-Coimbatore road amid lockdown? Here’s the truth

Fact Checked: SRK has not donated Rs 111 crore to fight coronavirus

Home Minister Amit Shah tested positive for COVID-19? Here’s the truth

A saint can cure the Coronavirus? Don’t believe this FAKE news

Viral message with details of distribution of essential products in Mumbai is FAKE

Netflix is NOT giving free subscription to people in isolation due to Coronavirus outbreak

Rahul Gandhi donated 5 crore to ‘Coronavirus relief fund’? Here’s the truth

PM Modi is NOT declaring Emergency under Article 360; don’t believe the FAKE news

Rs 11,000 imposed for violating ‘Janata Curfew’ announced by PM Modi? Here’s the truth

Fact Check: PM Modi’s ‘Janta curfew’ will break the cycle of Coronavirus? Here’s the truth

Old picture of PM Modi, Kanika Kapoor resurfaces after she contracts COVID-19

FAKE Alert: Amul is not shutting its chilling stations amid COVID-19

Fact Check: Govt spraying medicine in the air in order to kill the COVID-19? Here’s the truth

Mahila Congress leader wishes Amit Shah to get infected with Coronavirus? Here’s the truth

The government is not declaring ‘National Emergency’; don’t believe this WhatsApp forward


Fact Check: This viral picture is NOT of Coronavirus victims in Pakistan

Did Prince Charles meet Kanika Kapoor before testing COVID-19 positive? Here’s the truth

Old picture of a mother and an infant resurfaced with FAKE claim related to COVID-19

Fact Check: This picture is NOT of doctors and nurse who died in Italy; here’s the truth

‘The Last Kiss’: Italian Doctor couple died because of COVID-19 after treating patients? Here’s the truth

These pictures of people stranded on streets with medical equipment are NOT from Italy

Did President Trump announce launch of COVID-19 vaccine by ‘next Sunday’? Here’s the truth

Fact Check: No, this picture of people lying ‘dead’ on streets is not from Italy

FAKE Alert: Old picture of Brazilian Prez shared as Italian President crying over COVID-19 outbreak

Russian President released lions and tigers on the streets to keep people home? Here’s the truth

This picture of coffins is not related to recent coronavirus deaths in Italy

Did four Dubai-returned youth deny Coronavirus test due to religious faith? Here’s the truth


WHO warned against eating cabbage as Coronavirus remains the longest on its surface? Here’s the truth

Novel Coronavirus cannot spread in warm weather? Here’s the truth


Fact Check: Clip from a Korean movie is being shared as situation in Italy

Viral video showing dead bodies of Coronavirus victims in Italy is actually from sci-fi series

Man committed suicide after losing his entire family to Coronavirus? No, this video is old

Video from Senegal Airport shows havoc, people collapsing due to CoronaVirus? Here’s the truth

Old video from South Africa resurfaces with FAKE claim related to COVID-19

COVID-19 patient in the viral video is NOT Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s wife, here’s the truth

Fact check: This video of Chinese police capturing a ‘coronavirus suspect’ is a Mock Drill

This viral video is NOT from China and it has no connection with Coronavirus outbreak


Fact Check: No, mustard oil cannot ‘eliminate’ novel coronavirus

Does drinking tea help cure Coronavirus? Here’s the truth

Bitter Gourd (Kerela) juice cannot cure Coronavirus; don’t believe the FAKE claim

Fact Check: Don’t believe this viral post about vaccine for COVID-19

Can a ‘bowl of freshly boiled garlic water’ cure novel coronavirus? Here’s the truth

We at NewsMobile are doing our part in fighting against fake news and we request our readers to please verify the WhatsApp forwards before sharing it.


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