Lockdown Countdown: 21 ways to spend your 21 days!

With India under a complete lockdown for 21 days, it becomes imperative that you find innovative ways to pass time at home. Busy lives, work, careers, school, agendas have all consumed your time far too long. It’s actually the time to stop and think of what you have really achieved.
Is there a new hobby that you have developed recently? Have you got the time to read your favourite books? Have you looked after the fitness of your body and soul? Maybe no.

Use these 21 days to try these 21 different activities and get in touch with your real self.

Activity 1 – Become a home stylist:
Been wanting to re-do your house for a while, but never found the time to do so? Dedicate your new found time towards changing the direction of the bed, or putting up new paintings. How about re-jigging the drawing room and giving it a new look. Try whatever works and give your house a fresh statement.

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Activity 2 – Declutter:
Has the wardrobe been a pain area for far too long? Sort out your clothes, declutter, remove clothes you haven’t worn for ages. Also, realign. Colour coordinate or make sets as per combinations – but let that wardrobe be an eyesore no more.

Activity 3 – Spa@home:
Yes, we have all been missing the salon visits, but how about creating the same at home. Get the perfumed candles out, source organic stuff from the kitchen, create your own face masks and indulge in your own beauty treatment.

Activity 4 – Manicure & Pedicure:
Go a step further and give your poor feet and hand, that are always hard at work, some respite. Pick up a bucket, add salt, water, some shampoo and rose water and dip those tired feet in them. It’s just what the doctor prescribed for you!

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Activity 5 – Peek-a-book:
It’s time to read the book that’s been sitting on the shelf for way too long. Pick it up, read and feel satisfied at having gone beyond the rhythm of daily chores.

Activity 6 – Crossword:
How about picking up old newspapers, cutting the printed crosswords and sudokus and indulging in them. You can staple and make your own book of puzzles or look for online crosswords or word puzzles.

Activity 7 – make your own photo gallery:
Time to dig the old albums out. Make a scrapbook. That all girls’ trip? Or the time you went for your first trip abroad? Or the hills? Or when the first-born came along? Take the trip down memory lane. Pick the best ones out and create an album which is your best moments till date.

Activity 8 – Back up time:
Create backups for photographs and videos. Sort out old papers, that have been vying for your attention for a long time.

Activity 9 – Become a blogger:
Work, fashion, poetry, food, travel diaries – just about anything. Each one of us have that extra that we can put together for the world to benefit from. Become a blogger. It’s simple and very satisfying.

Activity 10 – Home Chef:
Get the cook in you out of the closet. Bake, experiment – you never know when you hit upon that master recipe. Involve the family and make it a fun activity.

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Activity 11 – Dance for yourself:
You have danced with people earlier, how about dancing for yourself. Put on your shoes, dim the lights, put on some catchy music and get on the dance floor. No one to watch or assess. Just you and your family. Make it an event to remember.

Activity 12 – Home fitness:
Yes, not to be forgotten, Again, get the children involved too. Let them teach you exercises that they have learnt in school. Pick up a good YouTube video and fix up a time each day when the entire family will exercise together.

Activity 13 – Language skills:
Access the many apps and help sites that are available online. Learn a new language. Next time you visit that favourite country of yours or are traveling for work – surprise people around you by talking in the local language.

Activity 14 – Do It Yourself:
With children at home and limited in activity, push them to try out their creative side. Let them paint a designated wall or space, or give them a table or furniture to redesign. Ask them to redesign their room the way they want.

Activity 15 – Play board games:
What better way to spend time with your family than playing a board game together. Monopoly, scrabble or anything else of your choice.

Activity 16 – Old movies:
Time to catch up on all the old movies you have always wanted to see again. Make your own playlist and assign days when you will view them. Create a movie theatre set up, with popcorn et all and enjoy the time.

Activity 17 – Gardening:
Smile with the plants and enjoy gardening. Trim the leaves, move the setting and see your hard work bear the fruits (and flowers!).

Activity 18 – letter writing:
Get back to old times again! Make a list of family and friends that you and the entire family can write to. Keep your letters ready and post them once the lockdown is over.

Activity 19 – Asterix, Tintin or Chacha Chowdhary:
Comic reading can be a whole new fun activity for the family. They are available on apps and online. Read them aloud and enjoy childhood flavours again.

The iconic comic character, Tintin, turned ninety years old on January 10th. The date marks the first time when the young reporter’s story was published in 1929, in a newspaper called Le Petit Vingtième. It is a fictional character, created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé. A reporter by profession, Tintin is travels around the world with his dog Snowy. His adventures and escapades form the crux of all the comics. On his birthday, here are some interesting facts about Tintin, that very few would have observed – He conquered the moon way before human beings –

Activity 20 – Make videos:
Make your own movie. Starring the family! Pick up a story, assign characters and shoot at home with your mobile. You never know but it might be a blockbuster in the making!

Activity 21 – talk to people:
The time to connect with people. Get onto family video calls, talk to friends you haven’t spoken to for a long time and feel the warmth of relationships.


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