UK court details how India helped UAE in Princess Latifa case

Princess Latifa

A judge in the Family division of the London High Court on Thursday detailed the role of Indian defence forces in the return of Princess Latifa to Dubai.

The Princess who escaped from her father Sheikh Al Maktoum went to Oman and from there got into a dinghy before entering India’s maritime zone.

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It was here that the UAE Royal family requested the government of India to ensure the safe return of the Princess to Dubai.

Considering the strategic relations between the two countries which in recent times has grown to dizzying heights, the Indian forces captured the Princess and sent her back to UAE.

The judge relied on a one-hour video confession made by the princess who was captured in February 2018.

In a chilling description, it was also described that the Indian forces used stunt grenades and weapons as part of the rescue/capture operation.

Some UAE troops were brought from Mumbai and were then given control of the ship in which the Royal Princess was traveling in, the UK court said.

However, there was no official response from the Indian government to the verdict by the British court.

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