Terror sponsoring state Pakistan to remain in FATF’s ‘Grey List’


Pakistan on Tuesday got a reprieve from FATF, the global anti-terror financing watch dog, and it will continue to stay on the ‘Grey List’ for the time being. They were backed by Turkey and Malaysia and sought to get out of the ‘Grey List’, however, they will failed in that endeavour.

Pakistan has been on the ‘grey list’ since 2018 and in October 2019, the watchdog had warned Pakistan of being put on the ‘black list’ as they had failed to implement 23 out of the 29 suggested measures to combat terror financing.

Tuesday’s meeting decided the fate of a nation whose economy is on the verge of collapse even as it depends on external dole-outs for its survival. Analysts are of the view that it has done little to tackle the issue of terror financing and has been playing a dubious game of taking half hearted measures such as the conviction of 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed.

This reprieve is only beneficial to some extent. Experts are of the opinion that Pakistan will at some point of time will be put into the ‘Black List’, as they refuse to act against the terrorists, considered to be the Pakistan Army’s ‘strategic interests’.

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Pakistan was hoping to show its sincere intentions in convicting the terror mastermind, a few days before the terror financing watchdog meets, as a sign of progress.

The FATF ahead of the meeting has also lauded the efforts of the international community in combating terror financing, but has however warned of terror grounds adopting new and emerging technologies such as crypto currencies and effective use of social media to organize various groups.

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